Vancouver 2010

I had the honor of performing at the winter Olympic Opening Ceremonies in Vancouver in a section about the Quebecois fable ‘Chasse-Galerie’, playing the ‘Devil Fiddler’ flying in a canoe 70ft in the air. As incredible an experience it was to perform in front of the world, it was eclipsed with the indescribable electricity in the air. This euphoric high lasted days and created memories and experiences that I’ll never forget. The call time for the performers was hours before the show when usually it’s 30 minutes. After getting my make-up, wig and costume on, I still had 3 hours til showtime when I heard cheering in the concourse outside my dressing room. I opened my door and saw all the athletes entering the building. I began to take pictures and talk to the athletes for over 2 1/2 hours running around like an excited tourist. We shared only moments, and while I can’t remember their names, their sport or the country they represented, I will always remember the joy, pride, excitement, patriotism and inspiration they left me with.

Devil Moon

Devil Moon vancouver Olympics

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