The Fabulist is Maier’s second solo CD and an absolute delight on so many levels. Displaying flawless technique, Maier is not only a master of the oboe but also plays a staggering number of other instruments on this recording, including woodwinds, strings, strummed instruments, percussion and musical saw. And he also sings!

Karen AgesWholeNote

The Fabulist is engaging, original and may represent a New Millennium approach to classical music.

Robbie GersonAudiophile Audition

“There may not be another recording like this all year, last year or perhaps the whole decade. From its cover, one sees humor… This is more than a variety show, comedy act, or theatrical show; it is a proposition to the world of music: quit taking yourself too seriously”

David SchwartzAmerican Record Guide

“Colin Maier, whose debut album this is, and who plays in every number, is the man of the hour. A finer oboist you will not hear. Maier proves himself not just an extraordinary master of this difficult instrument but an artist of exceptional versatility who wears his multi-colored musical coats with natural ease and distinction.

Jerry DubinsFANFARE

“Colin Maier is a multi-talented musician who plays oboe with a gorgeous tone and superimposes his sense of seriousness and humour into all he performs. You would be misguided not to listen to this release.”

Tiina KiikThe WholeNote

“One thing you have to say, Maier’s oboe playing is technically beyond believability. The tone is so full that it sounds very soprano sax-ish, his turns and trills are flawless, and by using circular breathing he never takes a break for breath.”

Lynn René BayleyFANFARE

“If you’re looking for goofy humor, unexpected juxtapositions, a little mellow Latin jazz, and a little updated folk music in an Irish or Scottish style, Maier’s Advice is well-taken. But don’t take it, buy it instead . . . Maier would appreciate the income, I bet.”

Raymond TuttleFANFARE

“I was particularly smitten by mighty-talented multi-instrumentalist Colin Maier, with his debonair quiff and engaging smile, his fancy jacket, ready wit and musical versatility, not to mention his splits mid-cadenza in Antonio Pasculli’s Oboe Concerto.”

“…Maier’s haunting harmonics and melodies on oboe, clarinet and English horn had me wound round his little finger from the outset.”

“…His circular breathing made his virtuoso rendition of the oboe concerto, as well as his playing throughout, elastic, fluid and so apparently easy.”

“… He topped off the evening with a display of gymnastics worthy of Cirque du Soleil, of which he was once a member”

Christine PilgrimVernon Morning Star

“Where do you start with Colin Maier? He plays with consummate skill. His artistry is unmatched. His technique is mind boggling. Do you want the ultimate in haunting beauty and sadness? Do you want the dazzling brilliance of virtuosity? Do you want to be entertained? Do you want to be educated? Colin offers a thrilling package that you will never forget.”

Syd BirrellArtistic Director of The Peterborough Singers

“The evening recital was a delightful informal gathering featuring Colin Maier’s incredible virtuosity.”

Jenny MorrisWest Virginia Public Broadcasting

“Besides his dazzling technical mastery — does he ever need to breathe? — Colin Maier’s musicality and engaging stage presence created an instant rapport with the audience. His friendly, easy-going personality won over the musicians, too. He gladly took the time to speak to students who came to see him, and he even kept them rapt. In short, Colin is a great performer all-around.”

Lora Lynn SnowOhio Valley Symphony

“Apparently he plays fourteen instruments, as well as a side-line career as an acrobat for the Cirque de Soleil. His oboe-playing was smooth at one moment, sprightly at the next. He is the only person I have ever seen who can do the splits while playing the oboe – quite a sight to behold.”

Live On Stage

“…Colin Maier is a true entrepreneurial performer”

Anita MacDonaldNassau Guardian

“Why is Mr. Maier a freak? Not only does Mr. Maier play the oboe–a very temperamental instrument when it wants to be–but he is proficient in about fourteen other instruments, but he is a trained acrobat, even appearing briefly in Cirque du Soleil and having an appearance as the “devil violinist” at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics’ Opening Ceremonies.”

Adam UlrichOne Train of Adam, blog