Colin Maier the One-Man Band
School Performance/Workshop

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The CM (Colin Maier) Workshop as it relates to and exemplifies elements of the Ontario
Curriculum: K – 8 The Arts 2009 (OC).

The CM (One Man Band) Workshop actively encourages communication and metacognition through the frequent employment of discussion, example, encouragement to experiment and invitation for ideas directly from the students. It enhances the teachers’ own study program by providing a live, interactive performance/demonstration which offers a unique opportunity to students to“sharpen their ability to reason, think critically, and explore their emotional responses to themusic”. (OC p. 16)

The many hand-on activities in the CM Workshop enhance the creative components directly, addressing the curriculum’s finding that “research clearly shows that the exploration and experimentation phase is a critical phase in the creative process”. (OC p. 20) Following the performance, the teacher can review the workshop with students, making use of the critical analysis process.

The workshop will explore over a dozen different musical styles, genres and instruments from the wind, brass and string families.

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